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(no subject)
alibali wrote in june2011_babies

Baby's name: Ziva Claire but I generally call her Stinky Butt. Sadly this is the one nickname that has stuck so far even though she usually doesn't have a stinky butt

Birth date: 6/17
Weight: 11lbs 2oz so right in the 75% percentile

Height: 24 inches - still off the charts for this tall gir

Sleeping: Amazing and I keep thanking her for how lucky we are!  She was doing a nice 6hr chunk at night which changed to 7.5 hours this past Monday.  Last night she slept for 9 hours straight which was pretty amazing.  She's definitely awake more during the day but still also takes her naps like a champ.

Feeding: She was eating every 3 hours while awake like clockwork.  Now that she's sleeping longer at night she eats anywhere from every 2.5-4 hours so just whenever she's hungry - at this point it's 4-6oz.. usually still 4 oz but then she'll be hungrier in the evenings while she's stockpiling her food away for sleep. 

Milestones: Smiling all the time, holds head up really well and has rolled over a few times (but Im pretty sure that's just cause she was positioned properly - isn't it too soon?), follows our voices around the room and follows toys, loves hitting the toys on her playmat/the bar above it.  instead of laughing she coughs cause she can't make that giggle sound yet but it's still adorable to me haha

Likes: Sleeping on me or dad, watching the dog run around the room, funny faces or silly songs, food, ceiling fans, her mobile, car rides, laying on her back just looking around the room

Dislikes: She's not a big fan of shots we learned today, doesn't like when food doesn't come fast enough for her liking, tummy time for more than a few minutes, being burped in the middle of eating

How is Mom doing: Mom is doing pretty well.  I'm very happy that she's such a good sleeper and hope that never ever changes!  I'm starting to get really upset thinking about going back to work in a few weeks.  I've put off calling my job every day for the last 2 weeks or so because I just don't want to even though I know I have to.  I did make the effort and called today and, of course, the HR person wasn't in and didn't call me back.  I tried!  Started Weight Watchers recently - I lost all my pregnancy weight but I would really like to smaller and fit into the rest of my clothing.

Pretty much all of the photos I have of Ziva are from my cell phone...

Passed out and Grams and Grumps house

Little girl on the big bed staring at the ceiling fan:

Singing and dancing on her changing table:


I really hope that cut worked for the pictures!

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(Deleted comment)
Thank you very much! I'm so happy she's a good sleeper - that was also one of my husband's biggest worries about having a kid.

She is precious!!!!!!!!!

Is her grandpa really referred to as "grumps?" If so - that's freaking awesome. I'm going to encourage my grandkids to call my husband grumps.

Thank you!
haha i love it. I started calling my dad "Grumps" while pregnant because he was super grumpy for a while (not about my pregnancy just about the restaurant he owns) and it made him laugh. So, it just stuck for us and I call him Grumps whenever he's getting grumpy. I can't wait until she starts talking and starts saying it. My 4 yr old niece calls him "Grandpa Zeus" which also partly started as a joke. He decided he didn't want to just be Grandpa so he said he wanted to be Zeus and it just stuck. My sister is pregnant again now and I told my dad that this new kid has to call him something different just to make it more confusing.

We refer to my stepdad as grumps too and it's totally stuck!

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