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(no subject)
irishtwingirls wrote in june2011_babies

We FINALLY conquer colic only to be met with teething and sleep regression due to hitting 5433568643 milestones at once.

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Ugh! (sympathy)

Sleep regression here is challenging enough! (Though is it really regression if he only slept decently for like 1 week and then went into 1 mount of "regression" and counting? LOL)

Hope you can get some rest!

Oh, and which milestones is your kiddo reaching?

Thanks.. I love me some sympathy!

He's just... discovering? He's been chatty for a few weeks now but he recently discovered in the past few days that he can make a broad range of sounds and he does it CONSTANTLY. He wakes up in the middle of the night babbling for a few minutes before he realizes HOLY CRAP I'm tired! Then cue the tears of exhaustion until I get him back down.. Rinse/repeat.

He's also discovered that tummy time isn't me trying to murder him so he'll roll onto his belly willingly now and play for a bit which leads to attempting to skooch across the floor followed by screams of anger because he's going to slow.

Barrel rolling

Trying to sit up, etc.

Kid is crazy strong. Has been since day 1.

Four month sleep regression ahoy! I guess it's time for everyone to hit it now, huh?

We hit it a month early, maybe due to him learning to roll over and grab things at the same time?

Sorry to hear it!

Sidenote. I can see your exact location. You may want to edit that. ;)

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