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Here I am.....
crazey_03 wrote in june2011_babies
My daughter, Sophie, was born June 20th (my birthday) and she has just started teething. Her gums are super hard and white just where the teeth should be. Has anyone else had a tooth pop thru yet? My DS didn't get his first tooth until 13 months but he was 10 weeks premature so I don't really have anything to base her off of. 

Oh and a picture just for fun!

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(Deleted comment)
Yes the slobber is crazy! I never knew so much could be produced from such a little person :)

Amy was born the 15th and has been drooling and eating anything that can go in her mouth for weeks but no teeth. If she gets hold of my thumb she bites down so hard it hurts!! lol. Your daughter is freaking beautiful btw.

We have had it for a few weeks too and her pediatrician even told us at her 2 month checkup to be prepared for early teeth but I still didn't think they would be coming in this early! Oh and thanks so much she is quite the ham in front of the camera :)

May 31st here. No teeth yet but slobber like crazy and his hands are always in his mouth, as well as anything he's holding. My ODS did not get his first tooth until 11 months so I am not anticipating it will happen anytime soon!

Cute picture!

Pretty much exactly the same here. I'm not too eager for nursing with teeth, so as far as I'm concerned they can take their sweet time!

Same here. I think it's just a baby thing, all the drooling and chewing. There's no sign of teeth and our ped. agreed that Ian isn't teething, just drooling in anticipation of teething. My other two kids didn't get teeth until 10 and 12 months. (But for sure they started teething at 4 months. It was a long 6 months of teething.)

Tristan cut 2 teeth by the time he was 3 months old. The trouble with cutting teeth that young and nursing is they don't make the cause/effect connection between Mom yelling "Ouch!" and the milk being taken away. :~( It's been a rough couple of weeks but I think he is finally catching on!

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