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Four month check in
alibali wrote in june2011_babies
Baby's name: Ziva
Birth date/age: 6.17.11
Most current length & weight: 26 inches & 14 pounds - She's very tall and lean!

What milestones has your baby hit most recently or you're most excited about? Anything they're working on now? She rolls EVERYWHERE and in any direction - she also spins around in her crib.  She's very grabby and likes to pick up and put down her toys.  She holds her bottle (and sometimes gets mad if you help also).  It's great that she finds her pacifier herself now and can put it in her mouth.  I also feel like she's getting the hang of getting dressed and is starting to help out - like flail her arm up into a shirt instead of just swatting randomly.. this is probably all in my head but it still makes me happy haha

How's sleeping? Have you hit the four month sleep regression? How have you handled it? Any tips to pass on or advice you'd like?
She has always been a really good sleeper.  Usually goes to bed around 8ish and the sleeps until around 7ish.  If she wake up before 7, I usually just grab her out of her crib and put her in our bed and she falls back asleep.  It was a little rough when I went back to work 2 weeks ago, but we're adjusting and are so thankful that she figured out how to sleep well on her own.

What's your favorite and least favorite thing about this age?
I looove that big ole gummy smile!  She's adorable in the mornings when she wakes up.  She either grabs her feet and rolls side to side while "talking" or rolls onto her tummy and talks to herself until we hear her and go in and get her.  I also love how she's getting more vocal and will talk to me, my husband, the dog, and her toys.
Least Favorite: Going back to work :( (but she only poops during the day so day care has to change all the poop diapers!)  Also, she still won't laugh.  She will smile and start to giggle but then coughs instead of laughing.  The coughing was adorable 2 months ago but now I'm dying for a real laugh.

Are you dressing the baby up for Halloween? Yes, of course.  She is going as a package of ketchup!  She has a little Zebra outfit to wear to daycare during the day because the ketchup is a bunting costume and would be a pain for them.  I have no idea if we're even going anywhere but she needed a costume. 

Any questions you have for the other moms? Is anyone else starting solids?  I can't think of any.  We got the okay to start solids from the dr today but I feel like it's too soon and she's growing up too quickly!  So, we're going to wait.  I also like the idea of baby led weaning but my brain has been programmed into starting mushy stuff first so I'm hoping to delay at least a few more weeks so we can start with more foodlike items and I won't be as nervous.

Watching her first 3D movie - The Lion King:

At the doctor:

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(Deleted comment)
Yeah, that was the one thing I was looking forward to. I figured with my luck she'd change to nighttime poops but, luckily, she hasn't (yet anyway).

I'm so jealous of the people with babies laughing for months now! I want to hear that precious full out belly laugh.

Just because you can start solids doesn't mean you have to. There's really no reason to before six months if you don't want to! And the research shows fewer gastrointestinal problems if you wait til six months.

I think we just feel like the "odd man out" because we know a ton of kids that were born right around Ziva and they're all eating rice cereal already. One of our friends started at 2 weeks(!) so her son would sleep more. I attempted to tell her that it's just a myth and doesn't do anything but what do I know.. plus my daughter sleeps 11 hours on her own so she didnt really care what I had to say.

I guess I just don't see the point in rice cereal/empty calories at this point and I really do want to wait until she's 6 months (or at least closer to it!). Although I will admit the other day she grabbed a pizza crust off my plate and had a ball with it (for all of 10 seconds before I realized). Guess I'm not winning mother of the year haha

Beautiful. Amy seems so behind everyone else.

I kinda think at this age there's no such thing as being faster or slower than anyone else.. they're just developing so amazingly fast that different things pop up at different times. Like, one kid might roll or crawl but another is picking up language skills, or observing the world and learning or hoarding all those talents until one day and then will just unleash them on the world! For example, my husband rolled at 5 weeks but then didn't walk until 19 or 20 months. The whole process is so weird and amazing.

She's gorgeous. How did she cope with the 3D?

She wore those glasses just long enough to take a picture then took them off and tried to eat them. About 4 minutes into the movie, she passed out on me and slept until the credits started rolling. In other words, she loved it :) haha

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