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tuxedo_elf wrote in june2011_babies
Whose little ones have teeth already? Marcus cut his first tooth last week, at 4.5 months. Bit of a surprise, since his brother didn't get any until 9 months. I have a feeling there's another one on the way too, as he's drooling constantly!

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My little guy is teething like mad but none yet.

What are his signs of teething? I should figure out what teething products to have on hand to help him...

Being miserable, crying lots, rubbing his ears, chewing on stuff then crying because it obviously hurts (rinse and repeat), insane amount of drooling... and on it goes.

Oh, well then I guess E is not teething yet...

No signs of teething yet for the 5.5 month old over here!

Sully's bottom two came through right at 4 months and are almost all the way up now. Yesterday I noticed one of his top ones (one to the left of the middle two) has broken through now too. And the other three of the from top four are very visible and I expect will break through pretty much any day. My daughter got her first teeth at 7/8 months, so I'm really surprised that he has three already.

No teeth here yet, almost 6 months! ODS did not get teeth until 11 months so I expect the same! Not really any teething signs either

No teething signs yet here, 5.5 months. Which is fine with me - I know nursing with teeth generally isn't too bad after a slight adjustment period, but I'm still not exactly eager for it.

We thought she was teething around 3 months - tons of drool, cranky, biting on everything, etc but nothing has come up and whenever I feel around I don't even feel any swelling in her gums.

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