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Here I am.....
crazey_03 wrote in june2011_babies
Had anyone experienced the 1st word yet? My daughter will be 6 months tomorrow (WHOA!) and today she looked directly at me and said "Mama." She also said "Baba" and reached for it. I was shocked, but super excited! And a picture just for fun! :)

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He's not even babbling with consonants consistently yet, definitely no words (although sometimes I swear he uses "hey" and "yeah" intentionally...). His dad didn't talk til three, so no big shocker if he's a bit slow on that one. He's definitely starting to understand some words, though, which is the important thing.

OMG, our E uses "hey!" a lot too. It's hilarious.

Which words do you feel like he is starting to understand?

I think E is starting to understand "Milk" and we are also trying to teach him "dog."

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