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Sleep, or lack thereof.
tuxedo_elf wrote in june2011_babies
Are any of your babies STILL sleeping like newborns? I swear Marcus is getting worse. He does a 3-ish hour chunk when he first goes to bed and then is up every 1-2 hours. To make matters worse he's started refusing to co-sleep, so I'm up and down all night. I'm so tired I don't even know what to do with myself.

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Yes! Sullivan is still up pretty much all night too. We've tried him sleeping in our bed, his own bed, our room, his own room, my husband tries to rock him when he wakes up, but it doesn't matter. He just wants to nurse all night. And he doesn't nap really during the day unless I have him in the Babyhawk. I'm so tired!

Riley was sleeping through the night but then we had (in quick succession) his first cold, vaccinations, major growth spurt and then a viral throat infection. All that caused a major sleep regression just like the newborn days - but fingers crossed, it's slowly improving again...

Oh yes!

In what way did he refuse to co-sleep?

We co-sleep (as in bedshare) to cope with it and in doing so I miraculously have enough day energy. We put him in his crib to sleep when he's tired around 7:30pm and then after he wakes up again I go to bed with him around 9pm.

I attribute his waking every 1-2 hours to breastfeeding and reverse cycling (as in he eats less than average in the day and more than average at night) partly because I work; and to his just not being good at putting himself back to sleep when he wakes. I don't know if we should have somehow trained him to do this in a different way-- I'm not going to let him cry though. And also to be honest I kind of think it's natural to sleep near/with the kid so we never really tried hard to get him to sleep on his own away from us.

But yeah, I'm not thrilled with the situation. I don't totally hate it though because it is tolerable and because all of the night tending makes me feel like I'm being an active mother even though I work full time. Otherwise I'd barely see him since he gets cranky for bed about 7pm.

The bedsharing is our saving grace. When we have to get out of bed even ONCE (say to change a diaper) I am so much more tired the next day than getting up 5 or 10 times to help him latch on to nurse but staying with him in bed.

Have you read "The No-Cry Sleep Solution"? It's chock full of ideas. We are going to get more diligent about trying them. We've been working on getting him better day naps which seems to either not help or only marginally help (the book really advocates day napping because apparently day napping can improve night sleeping) but I remain hopeful that it will eventually help. I am also working on not letting him comfort nurse to sleep as much so that he can learn to put himself to sleep when he's done nursing for food, but I'm also a softie so sometimes I just let him since we're bedsharing anyway.

Okay, this is reallllly long! But yeah, I'm kind of hoping the situation will just improve on its own eventually. I feel like I can't stop bedsharing until he wakes only 2 or so times a night, but I also wonder if the bedsharing makes him wake up more...

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You're saying you bedshare and the kid still slept 9pm-7am? I sometimes wonder if bedsharing affects it at all, but it sounds like that's not always the case...?

Our sleep is hit or miss here. Before we went out of town for Thanksgiving and he got a cold, he was sleeping most of the night (10-4 or 5) in his pack and play. Then he got sick, 6 mo regression, or whatever and the sleep is crap. I was excited night before last because he only woke to eat once. We usually bed share because it's just easier and he sleeps better. I'm hoping he'll go back to only waking once a night, but who knows!

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