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Sleep, or lack thereof.
tuxedo_elf wrote in june2011_babies
Are any of your babies STILL sleeping like newborns? I swear Marcus is getting worse. He does a 3-ish hour chunk when he first goes to bed and then is up every 1-2 hours. To make matters worse he's started refusing to co-sleep, so I'm up and down all night. I'm so tired I don't even know what to do with myself.

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Our sleep is hit or miss here. Before we went out of town for Thanksgiving and he got a cold, he was sleeping most of the night (10-4 or 5) in his pack and play. Then he got sick, 6 mo regression, or whatever and the sleep is crap. I was excited night before last because he only woke to eat once. We usually bed share because it's just easier and he sleeps better. I'm hoping he'll go back to only waking once a night, but who knows!

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