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fetal movement?
Big Smile
smiley845 wrote in june2011_babies
So who's feeling fetal movement?  What are you feeling?

Are you feeling flutters when you lie down still and quiet and still wonder if that's really the baby? Or are you feeling full on kicks and rolls and even feeling some from the outside?

this is my third pregnancy, and i'm 17w2d today.  i know that every pregnancy is different, but i'm not really feeling a lot of movement.  okay, i'm not feeling ANY definite movement.  sometimes when i'm still and quiet and on my back, i wonder if i feel the baby or my heartbeat or a gas bubble or etc.  by this time in previous pregnancies, i KNEW that i felt flutters and amazing movement that constantly reminded me of the life that was growing inside.  i've SEEN movement on ultrasound, so i know he/she is in there and active.  but i just don't feel it yet, and i'm *mostly* okay with that.  lol

but i want to hear about what y'all are feeling, thinking, seeing.  :)

when to tell
litlebanana wrote in june2011_babies
I am waiting for the results of my triple screen (the ultrasound was negative, but waiting for the blood tests) and I kind of feel like maybe I shouldn't tell too many people about the pregnancy until after that comes back okay. And then I was thinking, maybe I shouldn't say anything till after the anatomy screen.

Is anyone else still waiting to tell?

There's just so much uncertainty in pregnancy... it's frustrating! But if I keep thinking this way, I'm not going to be able to tell anyone about the baby until it's like 10 years old.