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anatomy scan!
abzolute wrote in june2011_babies
Had my anatomy scan today and it was def a boy!!! I'm so excited because I really wanted my first child to be a boy! My boyfriend could not believe it, he kept asking the tech if she was sure and she laughed and was like this is my job and this is for sure a penis! lol I kinda knew he was a boy because every dream i've had of the babe has been boy! but now i can't wait to go into work and tell all the people who were so sure i was having a girl that they were wrong! lol also i found out my due date is actually may 29th. They kept on saying how everything looked perfect for 21 weeks and i was like how could this be, i'm only 20 weeks? but apparently my due date on my chart has been may 29th all along so I guess I will go with it! I still hope to have a june baby though! Other than that everything looked great, which was a relief  and now I can go on to be super excited about being preggo!