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Anatomy Scan!!
babyz0e wrote in june2011_babies
I had my anatomy scan this week & IT'S A GIRL!! This is my second daughter. (Zoe Kate is 22 months old) We have decided to name her Ava Claire!! Here are a few PicturesCollapse )

20 week scan
thesparklegirl wrote in june2011_babies
It's a healthy baby boy! A boy with no name. We're not doing good on the name game.
Idea's? Preferably a name from a good book. Our first child was named after a character in Ender's Game, second child from Chronicles of Narnia.
All I can think of are too old, like Gilbert. Too weird, like Artemis. Or too common.
(My 3 year old wants to name him Ian, because that's Olivia the pig's brothers name...)