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Community Ideas
Big Smile
smiley845 wrote in june2011_babies
One of our lovely members, mrs_rocket , brought up a great idea to get this community more active and help us get to know one another.  Here is her text:

"Btw- my old DDC had weekly things to get people more involved and get to know each other. Certain days would mean certain things, and instead of a bunch of journal entries that take up your friends page, it would be one entry and everyone participated in comments.

Example: Monday- Picture day (of anything!) Friday- weekly update (how things are going/symptoms/belly pic). Would you be interested in doing something similar?"

So here is where I'm asking you, as a co-mod, what daily threads would you like to see?  I don't mind starting one of these daily, but would love some guidance from you ladies as to what would interest you the most.  Do we want Mon/Wed/Fri?  Daily?  Throw some ideas out there of the themes.   Let's get this ball rolling!!