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Swelling Legs and Feet Tip!
Baby no.3
nicolechan wrote in june2011_babies
I'm sure some of you are already dealing with swelling legs and feet, and more of you will succumb to it in a few months.  The BEST thing you can do for yourself is buy a pair of COMPRESSION SOCKS or COMPRESSION KNEE HIGHS!  :)

They prevent varicose veins, spider veins, swelling, Restless Leg Syndrome, and blood clots.  

These socks are the cheapest, easiest, non medicinal solution for you that really WORKS. I use them every night, especially now that I'm pregnant.

You can buy them on ebay or even at your local walmart (pharmacy section). Higher compression is better.  I prefer the stocking knee highs because they compress from toes to knee. My sock kind only compress foot to knee so I end up with swollen toes.

Anyway, the problem with RLS is caused by the veins in your legs. Pregnancy messes them up obviously! :D Varicose veins and spider veins occur because the valves in your veins to stop working properly so blood flows backwards or pools, causing swelling and/or RLS. You may not have any visible varicose or spider veins showing, but RLS is the cause of improperly working veins.

The compression socks (like what people with diabetes use) keep the veins supported and held in tight, so they can function better. It keeps them from bloating outward and allowing the valves to mess up. Ever since I got compression socks, I've never had to deal with an RLS flare up! Plus they keep my legs/feet swell free during pregnancy.

These socks are my favorite solution to so many issues involving legs. Great for running/exercising, any long walking or standing, great for hairdressers/cashiers/chefs/servers, anyone 50+, diabetics, preggos, great for anyone really!

I don't know WHY on earth doctors never think to recommend them... they just whip out the RX pad. EVERY OB doc should be telling their patients, every doc who deals with RLS should be telling them about the socks too before prescribing those stupid pills. When something works so well without messing with your internal system... Why not use them! I just don't get it! :P