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Intro Post
tuxedo_elf wrote in june2011_babies
Name: Tux
Age: 31
EDD: June 21st - hoping for a Solstice baby!
Location: Berkshire, UK
1st child/2nd/3rd...: Second
Family: My hubby Neal, my 3 year old son Aedan, my mutt of a dog Jupiter, my moggie cat Smudge and a whole lot of fish, mostly bettas!
Baby's gender sex: Boy!
Names: First name decided, but we're keeping it under wraps until he's born. Middle name is still the subject of great debate!
Birth plans or preferences: I'd really like a natural water birth. I wanted it with my son, but I ended up being induced and having an epidural. But the most important thing for me is to go into labour naturally.
A little bit about you: I'm a SAHM for the most part, I just work 2 evenings a week for extra money. I'm an aspiring cake decorator and chocolatier, hoping to make a career of it one day. I'm active in the Lord of the Rings fandom and a bit of a geek, lol.