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iron levels
Big Smile
smiley845 wrote in june2011_babies
I opted to have my iron levels tested yesterday (23w3d) because of some symptoms I've been experiencing -- daily headaches, fatigue similar to first trimester, craving for ice, bruising easily, dizziness, higher pulse than normal for me (90s, when i'm used to 70s in pregnancy and 50-60s not pregnant), and a few other things.  I've also vomited quite a bit and I posted about my concerns over my lack of protein (and iron sources) in my diet.

Anyway, after convincing my midwife to check it early (my Hemoglobin levels were 13.8 to start, so she was not worried at all), she texted me this morning that I'm at 11.0.  It's borderline anemic, but my symptoms are what bothered me.  And add to that that I haven't even gotten to the point in pregnancy where mom's iron levels drop.  So I'll be working on bringing them back up.

Have any of you had experience of getting those levels back up to normal?  I've been cooking on a cast iron skillet since I first suspected being low.  My midwife recommends floradix.  I'm not stressing, just glad I have time to start bringing the level back up before the third trimester hits.  I'm eager to have a little more energy and fewer headaches, that's for sure!  Any input is welcome.