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Big Smile
smiley845 wrote in june2011_babies
all right, ladies, this underwear thing is REALLY annoying me.  i can't seem to find a cut or fit that stay up!  it's been suggested to go commando, and while that isn't really a problem MOST of the time, in pregnancy i say hell to the NO!  not to mention that it's still winter in colorado, and i can't go commando in jeans.

the point being is that my belly starts at like my pubic hair.  i'm tall, but short waisted and i don't have hips.  most pants don't stay up well on me anyway, but now that pregnancy is in the mix, my undies will NOT stay up! 

and i'm jealous of all of you who can wear regular pajama pants under your bumps!!  if i do that, then they fall to the ground after taking two steps.  LOL