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breech baby?
Big Smile
smiley845 wrote in june2011_babies
I had a check up this last week, coupled with a 3d/4d ultrasound.  Appointment went great, and as this was my first hi-def ultrasound ever, that was amazing! 

At 26w5d, bambino weighed in at 2lbs6oz, 63% for size, and Frank breech positioning.  Now I know that I've got plenty of time, and I'm not STRESSING about it, but it is a constant thought.  I feel the need to start doing what I can casually do now to help baby know to turn. I've been reading all over the net (including www.spinningbabies.com), and I generally know what to do.  I just have two questions for y'all.  

First of all, who's been here before and/or is here now?

Secondly, Anyone tried an inversion table?  I tried one from a friend last night and OMG!  It must be a cheaper/older model because there was no tension to adjust, no handles to hold on to, just one hell of a ride!  it didn't ease me back, it just dumped me upside down and I felt immediately STUCK.  There were handles up by my feet that I suppose I'm supposed to reach up and grab in order to release myself... but reaching over this HUGE belly of mine to get handles all while going against gravity?  I think not!  hahaha