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Big Smile
smiley845 wrote in june2011_babies
went to see the midwife yesterday and got to see that baby has flipped around and is now head-down! i wasn't stressing about it, but i was curious when he/she'd wiggle down there. after two webster technique chiropractic visits, doing lots of positioning work at home, and just plain old waiting, baby is head down and ready for launch! i'm pretty sure i felt the spin last thursday, so i'm very excited.

iron levels have come up, so that's good, too.

only other thing is that i'm friggin' hA-yuge! i've gained 15lbs, but i'm measuring 38cm (fundal height) at 31w4d. i know my dates are right, and i know my fluid is within the "normal" range -- high end of normal, but still not abnormal. baby was only measuring in the 60th percentile, too, so i'm not real sure why my uterus has decided to pop out and be so roomy, but whatever, right? hahaha. i got up to 42 cm with my son, who delivered at 42 weeks. guess we'll see where this one goes, right?

i just wonder how in the world i have 8-10 more weeks to go at this size (and still growing). lol