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The positive inspiration project!
birth, UC
babyslime wrote in june2011_babies
Hello lovely pregnant ladies! How is everyone doing this week? It's the last week of April, which means that we're just one month from our due month!! Those of us due at the beginning of June are approaching 36 weeks, and our final countdowns are upon us. No matter if this is your first or your sixth, you'll probably find yourself brimming with excitement and nervousness as you approach (and likely pass) your due date. This is my 4th baby and I know I am! I've done this three times before - one long and hard natural birth at a birth center, one unnecessary cesarean, and one fast and easy UBAC - and I'm finding myself biting my nails on a daily basis. I go between feeling terribly nervous and worried that I can't handle it, to feeling completely confident that it'll be easy as pie and I'll breeze through.

So I had an idea I wanted to share with you all in effort to help ease some of those jitters that I imagine at least a few of you are feeling with me, and to help balance out some of the horror stories that "kindly strangers" may be dumping on you... as they tend to do, for some reason.
From now until our babies are born please feel free to share with the community videos, photos, slideshows, quotations, scripture, birth stories, links and anything else you find that's birth-positive, woman-positive and otherwise happy and inspirational. :)

For example:
- A story about a successful VBAC that was a positive experience for everyone.
- A story about triumph in the face of breastfeeding problems.
- Inspirational quotes or mantras to use during labour.
- Birth positive art, like the kind found on [ this website ].
- A photo of a mom and baby bonding.
- Positive messages about women's bodies, breastfeeding and ability to birth.
- An article supporting moms who have gone overdue and are feeling pressured or 'broken', reminding them that they're healthy and safe.
- A story of a mom's successful, happy and trauma-free planned cesarean.
- A slideshow of a birth that was positive for everyone.
- Prayers or proverbs about birth.
- Anything that made you go, "Wow!" or tear up... in a good way. ;)

When you post for this community project, make sure to tag it "inspiration" so that all of these posts are easy to locate if you find yourself awake one night and in need of some positivity about your upcoming birth experience. Please keep in mind that anything posted under that tag needs to be inclusive and supportive of different experiences. So if the story/quote/video/etc is an educational piece about the dangers of cesarean section, it doesn't belong there as that will not be positive or encouraging for moms who have chosen to plan a cesarean. However, a story of someone's positive VBAC experience would be perfect. :)
That doesn't mean you can't post that educational link, of course, please by all means do help others learn more about birth and feel free share any and all studies, research and information you find that's relevant! It just means it doesn't belong under that particular tag... make sense?

Also, some of us may be avoiding specific types of birth imagery toward the end of our pregnancies, so with respect to that make sure you put your inspiration posts under a cut and add a little blurb above it using descriptive keywords, "planned cesarean" or, "homebirth" or "natural birth" and so on.

I'll kick this off with this BEAUTIFUL and very moving slideshow/video I found of a mother's home waterbirth. It's one of the most gorgeous pieces I've ever seen, and the cinematography and photography are stunning. Just stunning. There are a few direct crowning shots, and while they're graphic they're also very tasteful and really quite amazing - when they came up I literally gasped out loud and said, "Wow"! Still, consider the video not safe for work. Oh, you'll also need some Kleenex. ;)

Beautiful home waterbirthCollapse )