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cloth diaper shower
Big Smile
smiley845 wrote in june2011_babies
hey, ladies!

a friend of mine has so generously offered to throw a "cloth diaper shower," but she isn't sure how to word it so others GET IT. there is already a facebook event, and i'm getting flooded with questions about why i'm only registered for cloth diapers, where else i'm registered, and what else i need.

now i know that people will get what they want to get, which is amazing! i'm thankful for any gesture at all. this is our sixth child of a blended family, but we haven't had a baby in more than five years, so we are basically starting over (not to mention the fact that it's brian and i's first together). but so many people are clueless about the new fluff (cloth diapers), and it's beyond them WHY i'd want cloth diapers (they are thinking gerber prefolds and plastic pants), so they don't really even read the registry.

so can any of y'all advise about wording for the paper invites (and she'll change the fb event wording, too) that would make it more clear what we're going for here? here is what's on there now:

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