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Feet vs baby
purple porcupine
coendou wrote in june2011_babies

My feet are swelling like crazy, especially the left one, which starts to hurt within minutes of doing anything other than sitting back with them elevated - I can't even get through cooking dinner without sitting down to get the weight off it.

So I'm spending most of my time sitting back with my feet up... Which is exactly the opposite of what I should be doing to keep the baby turned anterior. At the midwife yesterday, she felt legs sticking out to the front, so it seems the baby is currently posterior. She was also disappointed to hear that I haven't had any signs of impending labor yet, which freaked me out a little because I just moved over the weekend and haven't even unpacked my stuff yet, let alone gotten to buying all the baby stuff we have left, especially with my feet like this. So not ready for labor yet!

So which master do I serve - my feet or the baby's position? I do plan on getting a new pair of compression socks soon (left them behind in the move), but that's assuming I can walk long enough to go shopping. :P