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Unhelpful, unappreciated comments from others.
thesparklegirl wrote in june2011_babies
It's not even June yet.

And I'm getting comments that are driving me nuts.

"Is the baby here yet?"
"You need to bounce that baby out. Go for a drive in the country."
"You're so huge. He should be born by now."

Everyone's trying to give me suggestions on how to induce the baby. He's not even due yet. I want to just stay home and avoid all people with their unhelpful comments.

And then there were the lovely gems from my MIL:

"So are you loosing weight yet? Or still gaining?"
And the one she told my husband, "We can see her coming into a room three minutes before we can see her face!"

Grrrr. The only sympathetic person is my mom, who had 8 out of 9 babies go late.

Lots of contractions today, I hope they're doing something!

Anyone else feeling pressure to have your baby already?

interesting info
Big Smile
smiley845 wrote in june2011_babies
I was doing some reading online, and found this info to be very interesting.  Happy reading!  :)