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finally ready
Big Smile
smiley845 wrote in june2011_babies
Okay, so I can finally say that I am officially mostly ready for baby to decide to come out and join our family.  I had felt so overwhelmed and snowed under with everything that I felt needed to be done, but yet also paralyzed and unable to accomplish ANY of it.  I'm not entirely sure what has changed in order to get the gears clicking and turning in the right direction, but it must be that magical nesting thing that I've always sworn I just don't have.  Now, I'm not on my hands and knees scrubbing anything (yet), and I'm not quite burning the midnight oil, but in decreasing my workload and taking on three more kiddos (stepkids here for the summer break), somehow my schedule and energy level and organization methods have allowed me to get some things done.  *whew*

Of course now that I'm mentally ready, I'm only 37w5d, and baby will likely wanna stay comfy-cozy-tucked away for several more weeks.  So I'm crossing my fingers that i keep this motivation so that I can keep the house ready.  My midwife comes for our home visit on Friday, so I am excited and truly ready for that visit; it just means the end is near.

Reading all of your birth stories, experiences, and just life in general has been so interesting and kept me plugging along.  Thanks for sharing yourself! 

**hugs** to everyone!!