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Intro Post
is_this_a_test wrote in june2011_babies
Hi! I'm pretty late to the party as I can see members have already begun having their babies (Congrats, mamas!!). I was a member of the July community since I figured I am most likely to deliver then, but that community is pretty dead and I am excited to join this one which seems much more active and welcoming. I hope you are all feeling pretty good--almost there! : )

Name: is_this_a_test
Age: 29
EDD: June 28, 2011
Location: California
1st child/2nd/3rd...: 1st!
Family: Just my husband, myself, and baby-to-be
Baby's sex: We are choosing to be surprised at birth
Names: Still undecided. We have 3 boy names and 3 girl names and probably won't pick until we meet our baby.
Birth plans or preferences: Really really hoping for a natural drug-free hospital birth.
A little bit about you: On one hand, I can hardly wait to have my baby. In other ways, I'm anxious about how little time is left and how much still needs to be done to prepare for Baby's arrival!