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just got home from the hospital
Here I am.....
crazey_03 wrote in june2011_babies
36w 3 days and just got home from the hospital... Had contractions that were 5 minutes apart or closer for 5 hours before going in just to be sure they were the real thing, I even took a shower. Got to the hospital they started getting closer at around 3-4 minutes apart consistently... No dilation!

Not that I want my baby to come early but I have been to the hospital every two weeks since 30 weeks for either high blood pressure or contractions but never at the same time. My 1st son was born at 30 weeks via csection so I don't really know what normal labor is LOL but I will be having a repeat csection due to my incision from the first. ughhh I am tired of going back and forth to the hospital!