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spinning baby...
Big Smile
smiley845 wrote in june2011_babies
my baby was breech up until 35 weeks, then turned.  but, ladies, i'm afraid baby has turned again and i'm really not sure why.  i'm having a really hard time keeping my spirits up about it today, even though I had done all of this positive thinking up until now.  

i've actually felt really crummy today all around.  kinda cramp, really tired, and just down.  i'm going to see my midwife tomorrow to confirm our suspicions via ultrasound...  if we're right, then i suppose i will call the OB i found in the Denver area that will actually allow me attempt a vaginal breech delivery (he has a VERY high success rate).  i am just stressed with it being this late in the game (38 weeks). 

so... i'm venting, and i guess i'm done.  *sigh*