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Big Smile
smiley845 wrote in june2011_babies
I found out this little baby was definitely riding Frank Breech on Monday when I went in to see my midwife, thanks to ultrasound.  *sigh*  So I made an appointment with an OB who still delivers breech vaginally, assuming that certain criteria are met.  That appointment was yesterday.

First, I want to say that Dr. Hall was and is amazing!  He's an older guy, probably around 70 years old, and has the same beliefs about breech births that I do, and it was so reassuring to meet with him.  He measured the baby, who is estimated to be around 7lbs 11oz right now (at 38 weeks 4 days), talked to me about my childbirth past, did another brief anatomy scan to make sure that all still looked healthy and normal.  He also talked to me about my desire to have a home birth, reasons for that, and told me that he thought that was great!  He then told me that if I wanted to switch care, he'd be happy and excited to deliver my breech baby vaginally; however, if I still wanted a home birth, he'd be willing to try ECV.  This appointment was at 3:30pm, and by 7pm we were checked into L&D and set up for the ECV. 

The nurses warned me that it would likely hurt.  In fact the anesthesiologist came in and offered an epidural (repeatedly).  I knew it would hurt... or at least NOT be a pleasant experience.  But HOLY CRAP, THAT HURT!!  A doctor and two nurses pushing, pulling, and holding with what felt like all of their strength.  When it was over, the monitoring nurse announced that the doc only pushed for one minute 55 seconds (he took a 30 second break every 30 seconds, and the breaks were not counted towards the total).  I swear, that was the longest four minutes of my life!  I can totally see why they offer (and people take) some pain medication for that. 

When I look back, I told my husband that after natural labor, I don't remember ever experiencing pain like that.  Period.  I can't say that ECV hurt less or more than pushing the baby out because of that magic switch that doesn't really allow me to remember what the pushing phase of labor truly felt like, but I remember labor...  and it was difficult, but not as painful as the ECV.

BUT.... BABY IS HEAD DOWN!!  I'm refraining from the happy dance right now until we see if he/she decides to stay put.  I have another midwife appointment on Monday, and we'll verify from there if baby has stayed head down and ready for launch!