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Birth Story
kissfirst wrote in june2011_babies
On Sunday the 15th June 2011 my Grandma picked me and Dan up just before 8am to drive us to the hospital so I could be induced. I was exactly 38weeks pregnant. We got to the hospital and had to wait around for a little bit for them to finish cleaning the floors and for them to dry. When I got taken to my bed the midwife started doing everyone's Bp, monitoring of the baby etc. I got a cervical check and was at 2cm, soft, it was at the half way point. They inserted the gel and I then had to go back on the monitor for an hour to make sure it didn't annoy baby girl. Afterwards I started getting tightenings every 3minutes. I went for a bath, took paracetamol, then took something else nothing helped and I was uncomfertable all day. Come siz hours after the first gel they wouldn't give me anymore because I was having tightnenings and wouldn't check my cervix because even if they could get me up to the labour ward to break my waters they were too busy.

Monday had the usual monitoring etc. They decided to do another gel to see if that would do anything else. It did nothing this time. They checked my cervix later that night and said I would be able to get my waters broken. This was at 8:30pm as long as no-one came in, in the next hour I would be going upstairs. It got to 9:30 and it'd become busy again and I couldn't go up there. But they were going to get me upstairs first thing in the morning.

Tuesday and I was nervous and anxious about going upstairs to get my waters broke. Sitting around was making me feel worse and worse just because I knew what was to come pain wise etc. My OB came to see me and said that the labour ward were still extremly busy but I was going to go up there today. He had told them that I was a priority and had to get up there. We waited all day and nothing, no-one told us anything and we more or less didn't exsist all day. At 7pm we ran into my OB as we were coming back from a walk outside. The labour ward had been closed because every room was full and they were sending people to other hospitals when they rang but when some of the rooms were free then I was going to be sent up there that night. He said Dan would be able to stay the night since he wouldn't be able to get back otherwise. They then gave me my own room and a pull down bed for Dan. We thought we'd get a few hours sleep before they came to get us. I woke up at 4:40am and was confused as to why we were still there so went to talk to the midwifes. They had re-opened the labour ward and were busy again so I couldn't go up. I went back to sleep after txting my friend a little bit and when I woke up waited for Dan to wake up and see how annoyed he was going to be. Needles to say we were both sick of being messed around.

Wednesday we asked if we could transfer to another hospital that would actually do something and not mess us about. They rang Peterborough hospital and they said they wouldn't take me because of the cholestasis because they were busy as well. The person in charge of the ward then spoke to us, apolagised etc and said she was going to try her hardest to get us up there today. She said she'd get us up there at 1pm after lunch. I had my lunch 1pm came and nothing I went to ask someone at 1:30 and she said that the manager was up there again because they were busy and it wasn't all good news. About 10minutes later she came to get us and a take us upstairs. We went to our room and waited while they did a shift swap etc. A midwife and student midwife came to see us, did a cervical check etc and broke my waters. We got left for two hours to see if anything would happen and it didn't. We ate and watched tv while we waited. They then put me on a syntocin drip on the lowest ammount for half an hour and that did nothing, they then upped it a tiny bit and we were left to wait. About 10minutes later Dan had to call the midwife because the contractions just started extremly painfully and on top of each other. I had gas and air given to me and got told I wasn't alowed anything else. My cervix had only been 3cm to I thought it was going to take ages. The midwife didn't leave the room again and I just got high on gas and air even though I hated the feeling. I could just feel everything and said the head should be there etc. 48minutes after my contractions started my little girl was born. I didn't need any stitches which made me happy. I had a big bleed before they got the placenta out. I had to have something added to my drip and be kept on it for 4hours to stop the bleeding. I was just happy that my little girl was finally here and safe. I'm still in shock that it only took 48minuts in the end from start to finish.

Amy Olivia W was born 15th June 20:18pm weighing 9lb 3oz

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