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(no subject)
Big Smile
smiley845 wrote in june2011_babies

i keep thinking i'm going to sit down and write my birth story, but i haven't... and i've been sitting here with my laptop on my lap and haven't written a thing.  not sure why i have writer's block, because i KNOW exactly what happened.  LOL.  no creativity needed.  but i just don't feel like writing, which is odd for me. 


so here are bullet points:

Tuesday, June 14, at 10:15pm, water broke
called midwife. 
mild contractions that didn't really have a pattern or require much in the way of pain management other than breathing and closing my eyes.

brian got to work setting up the birth pool and my best friend came over to help clean my house (dishes, etc) and finish setting up. 

Wednesday, June 15, around 1:30 am, first SERIOUS contractions.  called midwife and couldn't talk through every other contraction, so she said she'd head my way and see me around 3:00 am.
in that hour and a half, real labor really picked up, and contractions required some noises, leaning over the birth ball, walking around, changing my pad from the yucktastic fluid that kept leaking.  they were about 2 minutes apart, lasting about a minute.

3:20am -- midwife and assistants arrived, contractions changed to even closer together and harder work.  she had a hard time finding the heart tones and wasn't completely comfortable with how low they were (in the low 100s).  she had my friend pack a bag for me for the hospital just in case, because if the heart tones dropped below 100 even once, we were transporting. 

heart tones stayed the same; guess 100s was his baseline for labor.  and once he really dropped, she was able to get right on his heart and it sounded strong and steady.  no transport necessary!

3:40ish -- midwife checked me, and i was at 4 cm.  i remember feeling REALLY disappointed and afraid that i had a long night ahead of me.

4:00 am -- got in the pool.  it helped, but man were contractions still REALLY TOUGH. 

4:38 -- first pushy feelings.  i was grunting and pushing whether i wanted to or not.  i was thankful, because i usually end up fighting my body just a big when it comes to pushing.  i got down to business and in three solid waves of contractions, he was out.  i felt him crown, and that was a first for me since my first was born in the hospital with an epidural and my second was born fully in the caul. 

4:50 -- Blaise Ray was born in water!!  no wonder that last hour was so difficult!  i went from 4 cm to pushing him out in one hour!  :)

apgar scores of 8/10.  8lbs 4oz, 21" long.  nursing well, though only on  one side.  he started out nursing decently on my inverted side, but has since refused.  luckily i make enough on the right side, and i guess i'll just end up lop-sided for now.  i do pump on the left side, but the supply has been dwindling. 

Who else is still waiting?
tuxedo_elf wrote in june2011_babies
With less than 3 days of June left, is anyone else still waiting for their baby to make an appearance? I was due on the 21st, but he hasn't arrived yet! I haven't had much in the way of signs either - just a few cramps and a bit of backache. Meh. Hopefully he'll come before I end up being induced - again.

Anyone else in the comm in the same situation?