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Baby wearing
litlebanana wrote in june2011_babies
My older daughter would never let me wear her, so I was determined to be able to wear my baby this time around. I still have the sling that I bought four years ago (a New Native Organic Baby Carrier), so I tried it out on Libby today.

She was a little fussy at first and seemed lost in it. But then I put a blanket behind her head and one minute later, she was fast asleep. Success!

However, when I tried walking around the house with her in the sling, it was killer on my left shoulder. After just walking around for a minute, my shoulder and neck hurt a good amount. I had all these plans about going shopping with her like this, but it's just too much weight on my one shoulder. And she's just going to get heavier.

Now I don't know what to do. Am I wearing the sling wrong? Should I buy a new sling that goes on both shoulders?