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Aeric is here!
robinanderson wrote in june2011_babies
Sorry I have been gone from from the interwebs for so long, and sadly right now my attention is elsewhere so I have not had time to catch up on everyone else's news and updates. I hope all my friends are doing well. I am checking messages and emails and you are welcome to contact us - just understand that we are still a little tired and distracted right now.

We changed the spelling a little on Aeric's name from what Conner posted earlier in the week - He is Aeric Bryan Craig. He is doing well in spite of some small challenges and setbacks with breastfeeding. We are both stubborn tho and will get past this just as I did with Ian. Aeric is strong and feisty.

For anyone not interested in labor details/ birth story - you may want to just skip the next paragraph...Collapse )

Ian is doing well adjusting to being a big brother. He is helpful and understanding and has not complained once about Aeric crying at night. He has on occation been a little bored or a little jealous that mommy is still so preoccupied, but I am also trying to make time for he and I to play together and he seems to understand that too.

Conner is as caring, supportive and involved as ever and i am grateful to have such a good partner and father for my boys.

Thank you again for all the kind comments and gifts. I know it was odd that I did not have a shower for this baby - but we are considering having a 'Sip and See' party later for people to get a chance to meet Aeric - once we are more settled in. Plus we still have both Conner's and Ian's birthdays next month and school starting for Ian. So, things are nice and busy around here! Busy is good right?

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