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(no subject)
thesparklegirl wrote in june2011_babies
Baby's Name: Ian Jacob
Birth Date: June 6th
Weight: 15 something, at least. He was 14lbs 15oz at his last doctors appointment, two weeks ago. He's outgrowing his six month clothes. O.o (In length too, not just weight, lol.)
Height: Uh. I think he was 24.5.
Sleeping: Lots of naps, which is nice. He sleeps about 7 hours at night, best thing ever!
Feeding: Nursing! All. The. Time. Well, it's slowed down a lot in the last week. He'll go up to two hours between nursing sometimes. And when he wakes up he's not demanding food right away.
Milestones: Smiles, coos, laughs, looks for people he can hear/knows was there, scoots around on his back, grabs things with his hands.
Likes: His big sister, his play mat, taking baths, swimming (We took him to the pool, he fell asleep in the water!), sitting on laps facing outward, when big sister or brother get in trouble.
Dislikes: Dirty diapers, being ignored.
How's Mommy doing? Great! Feeling super fat though. Put away a bunch of my "big" maternity clothes and got out my regular clothes. Hello giant over-flowing boobs and muffin top. I'll be wearing my (worn out) maternity jeans for a while longer.

Pictures: Cut to save your friends page.