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baby coach Z
miopiccolo wrote in june2011_babies
Has anyone else noticed a horizontal ridge on their fingernails and on their little one's fingernails?  I know that trauma can cause fingernails to grow differently and it's like a core sample from glaciers. 

Anyway, I was noticing that my daughter's fingernails have a distinct horizonal ridge growing out.  I'd say it's a quarter of the way from the cuticle.  Then, I looked at my own and saw the same thing.  Do you think this is from the birth or the first week of life?

2 month update
fire within
fieryminge wrote in june2011_babies
Baby's name: Charlotte Louise. She also goes by Charlie, Charlie Lou, Sweet Pea, Princess, Petunia, girlfriend, etc. We have lots of little nicknames for her :P

Birth date: 6/10

Weight: Probably right around 14lbs.

Height: 23ish inches. (I won’t know on her weight/height till the 29th. Her pediatrician does the 2mo shots at 2.5mo-his preference)

Sleeping: She is a great sleeper! She goes to bed between 930 and 10 and then wakes up to eat usually around 3 or 4 but goes right back to sleep without a fuss. Then wakes up sometimes around the time Daddy gets up for work (I say sometimes because she is usually too early for him…he gets up around 6 and leaves by 7). Then she and I nap till 830 or 9. She usually takes a good long nap sometime between 10-12, is up to see Daddy for lunch at 12, and then falls back asleep after he leaves, sleeps till about 3ish and then is up for a huge chunk in the afternoon. She starts getting super hungry around 630 and then nurses on demand/catnaps basically till she goes to bed.

Feeding: I feed her whenever she wants. Most days it’s pretty routine and revolves around her sleep schedule. I’ve been pumping to try building a supply for when I go back to work so we need her to start taking a bottle. So far, not so good. I go back in two weeks and no bottle yet. Here’s hoping. I think it will all work out just in time.

Milestones: Smiling, trying to giggle, she can hold her head up really well, she launches herself forward in attempts to sit up, chewing on her fists, starting to teeth, playing with toys (batting/hitting).

Likes: Nursing, looking at mobiles, cuddling, going outside for walks, licking my shoulder, funny voices

Dislikes: Tummy time, when I put her down so I can eat, laying flat on her back, being alone, being hungry, being alone and hungry in the car.

How is Mom doing: Awesome. My pelvis/hip still hurts a fair amount so laying down in bed for more than 20-30 minutes at a time is painful. I had an x-ray last week and still need to go back to discuss it with the doctor. Although, since the x-ray it feels better. Charlie and I sleep on the couch with me sitting up and her in the Boppy. Other than that, I LOVE being her mommy. I do not want to go back to my job in two weeks…..Wahhh!!!

Other fun facts: Charlie farts like it’s going out of style! She is a regular little gas bag that could very easily win some medals haha.


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alibali wrote in june2011_babies

Baby's name: Ziva Claire but I generally call her Stinky Butt. Sadly this is the one nickname that has stuck so far even though she usually doesn't have a stinky butt

Birth date: 6/17
Weight: 11lbs 2oz so right in the 75% percentile

Height: 24 inches - still off the charts for this tall gir

Sleeping: Amazing and I keep thanking her for how lucky we are!  She was doing a nice 6hr chunk at night which changed to 7.5 hours this past Monday.  Last night she slept for 9 hours straight which was pretty amazing.  She's definitely awake more during the day but still also takes her naps like a champ.

Feeding: She was eating every 3 hours while awake like clockwork.  Now that she's sleeping longer at night she eats anywhere from every 2.5-4 hours so just whenever she's hungry - at this point it's 4-6oz.. usually still 4 oz but then she'll be hungrier in the evenings while she's stockpiling her food away for sleep. 

Milestones: Smiling all the time, holds head up really well and has rolled over a few times (but Im pretty sure that's just cause she was positioned properly - isn't it too soon?), follows our voices around the room and follows toys, loves hitting the toys on her playmat/the bar above it.  instead of laughing she coughs cause she can't make that giggle sound yet but it's still adorable to me haha

Likes: Sleeping on me or dad, watching the dog run around the room, funny faces or silly songs, food, ceiling fans, her mobile, car rides, laying on her back just looking around the room

Dislikes: She's not a big fan of shots we learned today, doesn't like when food doesn't come fast enough for her liking, tummy time for more than a few minutes, being burped in the middle of eating

How is Mom doing: Mom is doing pretty well.  I'm very happy that she's such a good sleeper and hope that never ever changes!  I'm starting to get really upset thinking about going back to work in a few weeks.  I've put off calling my job every day for the last 2 weeks or so because I just don't want to even though I know I have to.  I did make the effort and called today and, of course, the HR person wasn't in and didn't call me back.  I tried!  Started Weight Watchers recently - I lost all my pregnancy weight but I would really like to smaller and fit into the rest of my clothing.

Pictures under the cut..Collapse )

I really hope that cut worked for the pictures!