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June Update
Here I am.....
crazey_03 wrote in june2011_babies
Baby's name: Sophie Renee
Birth date/age: June 20, so 4 months today! Whoa where has the time gone!
Most current length & weight: 26 inches and 15.5 lbs long and lean

What milestones has your baby hit most recently or you're most excited about? Anything they're working on now?
She rolled from belly to back twice yesterday and is working on tripod sitting! She giggles so much now and I love that! Oh and we are pretty sure she has started teething, yikes!

How's sleeping? Have you hit the four month sleep regression? How have you handled it? Any tips to pass on or advice you'd like?
Well I really can't complain her sleeping has always been amazing she has gone to sleep on her own at 7:45 every night since she was 4 weeks old and wakes up at about 8:30am. She does wakes up once around 1am to eat but goes right back to sleep. BUT last night she decided she would wake up about 6 times because she was ohmygoshstarving! 

What's your favorite and least favorite thing about this age?
Favorite-she can do so many more things and babbles all the time!
Least favorite-she gets frustrated because she is not as mobile as she wants to be but we did recently buy her a jumperoo and she LOVES it!

Are you dressing the baby up for Halloween? We must have a Halloween picture post! Yes she is going as a watermelon. Pictures will come! 

Any questions you have for the other moms? Yes, have any of you other moms noticed the breast buds developing? My daughters became swollen a few weeks ago and everytime my husband picks her up his thumbs hit them and it totally freaks him out. Our doctor explained that this is completly normal and all that jazz but both his mother and grand mother had breast cancer a few years ago so I think that is leading to his paranoia.