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Babies due in June 2011
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For parents of babies due in June 2011

Welcome to the June '11 LJ Due Date Club! If you are due in June 2011, or think you'll give birth then, come join the discussion!

Intro Post

EDD: (early or late June is fine)
Location: (be as specific or as vague as you'd like)
1st child/2nd/3rd...:
Family: (partner, other children, and/or pets)
Baby's sex: (hopes and/or guesses)
Birth plans or preferences:
A little bit about you:

Member Table

LJ Name / Real NameDue DateIt's a...NameBirthday
babyslime/Heatherlate May-early JuneGIRL!??
abzolute/Alexlate May-early JuneSurprise!Lachlan or Juliet?
fieryminge/MeganMay 30thSurprise!??
pumpkindoodles/AmandaMay 31stGIRL!??
turtleohs/SarahJune 1stSurprise!??
xmoosex/MooseJune 1stSurprises!??
thesparklegirl/MariaJune 1stSurprise!??
babyz0eJune 2ndGIRL!Ava?
coendouJune 2ndSurprise!??
kristi116/KristiJune 3rdBOY!Liam?
shinydisc0balls/AngeliqueJune 3rdBOY!Dallen Malachi?
noiresque/LeslieJune 3rdSurprise!??
mrs_rocket/NatalieJune 3rdGIRL!Lila Nicole?
riela/ArielJune 4thBOY!Arion Michelangelo ValenciaMay 20th '11 | First baby born!
burnnnout/QJune 4thSurprise!??
alibali/AlisonJune 4thSurprise!??
capricious05/BethJune 8thSurprise!??
junes_flame/ErinJune 8thSurprise!??
frino/KathrynJune 8thGIRL!??
plumblossom03/StephanieJune 9thGIRL!??
jes_m_r/JessicaJune 10thSurprise!??
ambisaurusrex/AmberJune 10thSurprise!??
lizza_belle/SaraJune 11thBOY!Carter Thomas?
pb_lil_bit16/KellyJune 11thBOY!Lukas Drake?
miopiccolo/MiaJune 14thGIRL!??
kayeyem/KimberlyJune 14thGIRL!??
kjerlandsen/KaileeJune 14thSurprise!??
litlebananaMid JuneSurprise!??
imalego/LaurenEarly-Mid JuneSurprise!??
sandokaiJune 16thSurprise!??
buttonmoulder/ErinJune 16thBOY!Sullivan?
kara/KaraJune 18thGIRL!Addison Reese?
irishtwingirls/TiffanyJune 18thSurprise!??
smiley845/StaceyJune 19thSurprise!??
bouldergrrl/KateJune 20thBOY!Blaise?
tuxedo_elf/TuxJune 21stBOY!??
_skyebaby_/SkyeJune 24thSurprise!??
ibbs/AnnabelJune 25thSurprise!??
kissfirst/SarahJune 26thGIRL!??
xoluckieox/LaceyJune 28thSurprise!??
nicolechan/NicoleJune 30thBOY!??

Forever missed :


  1. Love thy neighbors, and pay respect to your fellow community members. We're all pregnant here, and tempers may flare, but you're capable of getting up and walking away before starting a fight. Do not name-call, and don't be a jerk. Any incidences of homophobia, racism, classism, ableism or sexism will result in an immediate warning.

  2. No spam or promos. If you have an object to sell or give away (eg. baby clothes) please contact a moderator about it before you post it.

  3. Do not use scare tactics and manipulative language to instill fear in others. This includes things like, "If you don't do this test, your baby will DIE!" as well as things like, "Circumcision should be punished by the death penalty". We may have different opinions, but we're capable of discussing them in a healthy, factual manner. Come with an open mind, and ready to learn new things... even if this is your 10th baby!

  4. No horror stories, please - they don't help anyone. If you are one of the many women who has suffered birth trauma, you are not alone: birthtrauma and cesarean_rage are two very good communities that are very supportive, and everyone there understands what you've gone through. Some other good websites to check out are The Unnecesarean (http://www.theunnecesarean.com/blog/) and ICAN's forums (http://www.ican-online.org).
    While we understand that pregnancy does not make us fragile and infantile, surrounding someone with horror stories is about as useful to a pregnant woman as tying a rock to her waist and throwing her off the boat. You can freely talk about your experiences, but please be mindful of how you phrase things. Your experience and feelings do not necessarily reflect the experiences, or expectations, of anyone else.

  5. Please uphold the WHO code of advertising and promotion of infant feeding supplements. DO NOT share formula coupons, sell or trade baby formula or foods that encourage introduction of solids before a healthy age (6+ months). As a community we understand that using the manipulative and subversive tactics of these companies only serves to undermine and sabotage budding breastfeeding relationships, and does not encourage success or lend itself to getting real help when dealing with problems. If you are experiencing difficulty, or are worried about your upcoming nursing experience due to past issues or family history, please seek advice and help others make informed choices! Some communities that aim to give informed, personal and evidence-based advice are: adopt_a_mom, boobie_bootcamp and breastfeeding.
    (While promoting the best choices for infant health and development, we also understand that some may make informed choices for alternatives, and that there are rare cases where breastfeeding is not possible due to physical abnormalities. We support all mothers and their choices. Please feel confidence in the choices you make, and choose not to see opposing research as a threat or a reason to fight. If you have questions... ask!).

  6. Stand by your words. Do not delete, screen or freeze posts or comments. If you have a problem with something someone has said, email a moderator about it. If you are feeling remorseful over something you've said, own it and apologize.

  7. (Idea borrowed from the February DDC)
    If you post about controversial topics, be prepared for answers from all sides, not just the one you prefer to hear. Along the same lines: if you present an argument or statement as a fact, be prepared to be asked to cite credible sources to back it up (anecdata, including, "my care provider said so" does not count as credible). We support informed choices without fear-mongering. All women deserve the opportunity to have truthful information presented to them.
    No one is obligated to justify their personal decisions to anyone, but if you post about these topics in a snide way you are inviting debate. If you ask a question about a hot topic, you will be presented with information that you may not have known about, or maybe even didn't want to hear. Keep an open mind!

  8. We are pregnant, and most of us probably had sex to get that way. With that in mind, there isn't anything that's TMI! Conversations about labia, vaginal discharge, sex, masturbation, penises and vagina are abound. For clarity, please try to use proper terminology when asking questions about these topics as not everyone is clear on what things like, "Saddle area" mean (does it mean labia minora? Vaginal canal? Perineum? Clitoris? Anus? Groin? Lymph nodes? Thighs? Pubic hair? Something on your horse? A television show?). If you are triggered by these terms, please be aware that they may be used liberally within this community and take caution when reading.

  9. Along the same line, because of these discussions and the potential for photographs of birth, breastfeeding, or body parts... please consider this community potentially not work safe and do not browse at work.

  10. When posting photos, 1 or 2 small images is fine, but please put image heavy posts under a cut. Please try an keep images less than 800px on the longest side to save wicked awful formatting problems. Programs such as The Gimp or Irfanview can easily resize image files without much difficulty. As can hosting programs such as Flickr and Photobucket.

  11. And lastly... don't ask for medical advice! Suggestions and opinions is okay, what to ask your care provider is okay, but listing symptoms and asking someone to diagnose you is very shady for legal reasons, and could get LJ sued if you did something stupid as a result of something you were told by a community member. If you care about LJ, don't do it!

Post often and have fun!

Your mods are:
babyslime (Creator and Maintainer)
smiley845 (Helper)